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Our board-certified license lawyers can help you get your license (and livelihood) restored after the uncertainty from a DUI, RMV issue or other problem with a professional license. 

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We know timelines can be tight but call us ASAP to see how we can help on short notice.  

Each situation is different depending on the level of offense. Our pricing is fair and reasonable, and will be outlined clearly when you call. 

While one or both are possible depending on the severity of your situation, our goal is to make sure you keep your license and avoid jail time.

A DUI or conviction may impact your ability to work as a CDL driver, but we may be able to help. 

A DUI may disqualify you from holding a CDL, but we may be able to help.

It is possible to get a CDL with a felony but there are some caveats. Contact us to walk through your situation.

It is possible to get a license to carry depending on the prior conviction. Contact us for more details. 

A DUI may impact your ability to keep your LTC depending on the jurisdiction. Call us to walk through your situation and see how we can help. 

A DUI, misdemeanor or felony can impact your ability to own a firearm. Call us to find out how we can clear your record. 


We help you get your license issued or reinstated (and all the rights that go along with it)

Our network of licensed attorneys specializes in matters related to drivers licenses, professional licenses or other licensing issues in your jurisdiction. Here are some common tasks that our lawyers can handle:

1. Driver’s License Issues:
Our experienced RMV/DMV lawyers often assist clients who are facing issues related to their driver’s licenses, such as license suspensions, revocations, or denials. They can represent clients in administrative hearings to contest these actions and work to reinstate or protect their driving privileges.

2. Traffic Violations:
Lawyers may represent clients who have been cited for traffic violations, such as speeding, reckless driving, or driving under the influence (DUI). They can provide legal advice, negotiate with prosecutors, and represent clients in court to mitigate the consequences of these violations.

3. License Reinstatement:
For individuals whose licenses have been suspended or revoked, our lawyers can help navigate the process of reinstating their privileges. This may involve fulfilling certain requirements, such as completing a retraining program or paying outstanding fines.

4. Appeals:
If a client disagrees with a decision made by the RMV, such as a denial of a license application or a suspension of driving privileges, a lawyer can help file an appeal and represent the client’s interests in administrative or judicial proceedings.

5. Specialized Licensing Issues:
Our lawyers may also handle more specialized licensing issues, such as commercial driver’s licenses (CDL), professional licenses for transportation-related professions, or other professional licenses. This includes firearm licenses-to-carry and real estate licenses. 

6. Compliance and Regulatory Matters:
Our lawyers may advise clients on compliance with relevant laws and regulations governing motor vehicles, driving privileges, firearm rights and more. They can help clients understand their rights and obligations under the law and ensure that they are in compliance with applicable regulations.

Overall, our license lawyers play a crucial role in helping individuals navigate the complexities of motor vehicle laws and professional licenses, protecting their privileges, and advocating for their legal rights and livelihoods. 

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